Michael Spanner

Michael Spanner

United Kingdom

Michael (Mike) Spanner

United Kingdom

Senior Systems Engineer,

Mike Spanner has worked in the Flight Inspection industry since 1982, initially with the UK CAA Flight Calibration Unit based at Stansted Airport. In that role, he was responsible for aircraft servicing, flight inspection system maintenance and aircraft tracking

In 1993, he moved with the unit to Teesside Airport to help set up the Strategic Business Unit ‘CAA-Flight Calibration Service’ in 1993. His specific responsibility was flight inspection software and safety regulation unit approvals for the (then) new digital flight inspection system.

Mr. Spanner trained as a Navigational Aid Inspector and gained qualifications in 1995, flying on the CAA’s HS748 aircraft in the operational role as a Technical Flight Inspector.

He then assisted with the start-up phase of the military flight inspection arm of Flight Precision (FPL) in October 1996, which was born out of the privatisation of the CAA’s flying unit. In this role he was initially deputy manager of flight inspection and responsible for introducing the newly acquired Aerodata Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS) into operation at FPL. From April 1998, both the Civil and Military arms of FPL combined for both Civil and Military Tasking, where he maintained a deputy manager role with main flight inspection duties including new customers, commissionings and detachments.

In January 2000, Mr. Spanner transferred to Aerodata (systems) in Germany to join the marketing department as part of a company development program. This role had primary responsibility for the marketing of flight inspection systems worldwide and as a secondary function, the services of Flight Precision and Flight Inspection International (now not operating) and AeroPearl.

In July 2001, he returned to FPL as Head of Flight Inspection, with specific responsibilities for tasking, operational issues and personal management of the technical flight inspectors. The role demanded liaison with all customers on operational matters and maintaining FPL’s technical flight inspection approvals, including the approval of Flight Inspector for their respective tasks.

With the continuing growth of FPL, a Technical Department was created in January 2007, which looked after the flight inspection system approvals, projects and responding to customers’ specific technical needs and queries. In this role he also maintains the quality system via a dedicated quality manager and continued to oversee the approval of all flight inspectors, determining their training needs through a dedicated training manager.

In 2010, he moved to Australia as the Senior Flight Inspector, where he worked on retendering of the Air Services Australia Flight Inspection contract with AeroPearl, whilst also being a Flight Inspector for work in Australia, Singapore and Cambodia. AeroPearl were successful in winning the tender against fierce competition. During his time there he was also successful in playing a key role in winning a tender for Flight Inspection services in New Caledonia and Tahiti in the South Pacific.

Returning to the UK in 2014, he now works for the UK’s prime ANSP NATS, specialising in GBAS and also Flight Inspection contract management for 7 UK major airports.

Has presented papers on a variety of topics at International events and is a regular at the International Flight Inspection Symposium.

Mr. Spanner holds the following qualifications:

  • TEC Diploma Electronics
  • HTEC Diploma Electronics and Radio
  • DOT RADAR Maintenance Certificate
  • Marine Radio General Certificate
  • B Eng Degree Electronics
  • Certificate In Management
  • Diploma in Management

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