Onorio Rocca

Onorio Rocca

ICASC Vice-Chairman

RMS Instruments

From 1980 to the present, Onorio Rocca, co-founder and President of RMS Instruments, has been responsible for a variety of administrative duties, and technological developments. RMS Instruments, a Canadian company, is a world leader in design, development and manufacture of ruggedized data recording equipment, test & measurement and geophysical exploration systems.

Prior to 1980, Onorio with his extensive design experience in geophysical, aerospace, meteorological and environmental instrumentation, was involved in a variety of products development. Some of these products have become well known around the world.

As an industrial designer, Onorio's keen interest in aerospace and military technology perhaps derives from his involvement in the design, development and racing of formula racing cars. His home life with his family in a rural area outside of Toronto, Canada, keeps Onorio busy with local activities for the betterment of communities, and other various non-profitable organizations.

It was while attending his first Flight Inspection Conference in Ottawa, Canada in 1984, that he became aware of the importance of such an elite group of individuals, dedicated to the promotion of air safety around the world.

Onorio has participated in all International Flight Inspection Symposiums since 1984, and with his ongoing association with the FAA and other Flight Inspection Communities around the World, he has become very interested in the promotion of air travel safety. He values the business and association of the world flight inspection communities, and wants to contribute to that industry. Without hesitation he favorably responded by becoming a member of ICASC.

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