Captain Thomas Wede

Captain Thomas Wede


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 Captain Thomas Wede joined the Flight Inspection community in June 1989, when he took up a position as a research pilot with Aerodata Flugmesstechnik GmbH in Braunschweig, Germany, after having completed his education both at university as a geographer as well as a commercial pilot. A summary of his activities relating to Flight Inspection work is given here:

June 1989 : First Flight Inspection Mission, ILS22, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany FI Mission flown in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Afghanistan, India, Macau Serving both military as well as civilian customers FI Missions flown as per ICAO Doc 8071 Annex 10, CAP 670, STANAG and others

Jan 1995 - 2000 : GPS Evaluation Trials for various parties (industry, universities) Braunschweig and Munich

Jun 2001 -Feb 2002 : Training Certified Flight Inspector for Procedures Evaluation, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH DFS, Langen / Braunschweig

Feb 2002 : Final Exam, Approval No LBA 98115

2002 – 2006 : Participant various workshops EUROCONTROL on producing the relevant documents on Flight Checking P-RNAV Procedures & RNAV Procedure Validation

Feb 2007 : First commercial agreement with Avionics manufacturer on Pre- Production Databases for Flight Management Systems

Jun 2007 : PANS OPS Procedure Design Course; DFS Academy, Langen & Braunschweig, Germany

Some Sample Projects Procedure Validation:

May 2006 : RNAV SIDs Cairo, Egypt

Sep 2006 : RNAV and conventional SIDs and Approaches, Doha, Qatar

Jan 2008 : Conventional SIDs and Approaches, Comiso, Italy

May 2008 : Conventional SIDs and Approaches, Herat, Afghanistan

Sep 2008 : RNAV SIDs and Approaches, Sharjah, UAE

May 2009 : RNAV SIDs and Approaches Marmul, Oman

Sep 2009 : RNAV and conventional SIDs and Approaches, Bateen, UAE

Sep 2009 : RNAV SIDs, STARs and Approaches, Warsaw, Poland

Mar 2010 : RNAV SIDs and Approaches, Dubai World Central, Dubai, UAE

Aug 2010 : Conventional SIDs and Approaches, Suhag, Egypt

On top of his Flight Inspection activities, Wede flew Pollution Control Missions on behalf of several research organisations in Europe. Also, for many years he was active on research flights in the Arctic as well as Antarctica for the German Polar Research Institute.

From 1994 to 2010 Wede was Director Flight Operations and Flight Training Manager for Aerodata. Upon amalgamating the flight departments of both Aerodata as well as Cobham, Wede took over the post of Deputy Training Manager.

Wede is a Type rating Instructor and Type rating Examiner (TRI/TRE) for the HawkerBeechcraft KingAir 200 and 300 series, approved both by the German LBA as well as the UK CAA. He has amassed more than 10.000 flight hours, with more than 9.000 hours on Flight Inspection Missions.

Contact Information

Address Hermann-Blenk-Strasse 21
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Phone + 49 172 430 58 03
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