Liu Tong

Liu Tong

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●          Director of Flight Inspection Division, Flight Inspection Center of CAAC

●          Senior Flight Inspection Instructor

●          Senior Flight Inspection Engineer


Liu Tong was graduated from Civil Aviation University of China in 1989, majoring  in  Communication  Engineering.  In  1992,  after  3‐year  working  experience in CAAC Radar Center, he was employed as a flight inspector by Flight Inspection Center of CAAC.

As one of the earliest flight inspectors, Liu Tong has played an active and important  role  in  promoting  technology  management,  standard  establishment  and  business  development  of  FIC.  During  the  25‐year working,  he  has  managed  in  setting  up  flight  inspection  training  and  qualification system, flight inspection database and report system, flight inspection technology advisory and management system, ISO/IEC 17025 Quality  Management  System,  etc..  As  the  leading  member,  he  also  has  participated  in  compiling  Flight  Inspection  Manual  of  China,  Airport Inspection Procedure Manual of China, CCAR Part 85, and CCAR Part 86. During the 16th IFIS hosted in Beijing, 2010, as the member of meeting affairs group, he has taken part in all the paper presentation organization works. In new navigation technology area, he made the first research in ADS‐B、RNAV、GBAS inspection in China, and also the first to promote airborne multi‐point direction finding coordinate calculation methods to measure and determine the coordinate of interference source.

 In recent years, as the Director of Flight Inspection Division, Liu Tong has summarized  in  inspection  management,  standards,  qualifications,  new  tech.  development  and  training  of  China  into  his  unique  and  original ideas.  He  wishes  having  the  opportunity  to  communicate  and  discuss  more  technology  and  standards  through  the  platform  of  ICASC,  and promoting the further development of flight inspection in China and the world.