Sileno Godicke

Sileno Godicke

IFIS Workgroup Chairman

Flight Inspection Systems Manager
Ente Nazionale di Assistenza al Volo, Radiomisure - Flight Inspection Department

Sileno has been working for the Italian Flight Inspection Department of ENAV since 1985. During these years he attended a number of training courses covering aircraft maintenance, avionics, flight inspection, GPS, computer science.

Since 1997 he is employed as Flight Inspection Systems Manager, and is responsible for maintenance, calibration, research and development of the ENAV Flight Inspection systems. In addition to this he worked with different responsibilities in several projects connected with flight inspection and Air Traffic Control. Among the most interesting there are:

  • 1992/1993 Installation of an experimental ADS system in one of the ENAV F.I. aircrafts and flight trials outside ATC radar coverage between Italy and Greece. The real time flight data were integrated in the ATC system and is played on a ATC console. A real time presentation of this system was made in 1993 at Le Bourget.
  • 1992/1994 He made the full development, system integration, design and software coding of one of the actual three ENAV flight inspection systems. The system was then realized and installed in the aircraft at ENAV Flight Inspection Dept.
  • 1997 'Mediterranean Satellite Test Bed' a joint effort between ENAV and FAA to test wide area GPS differential corrections in Italy, with CAT I approaches to Ciampino Airport. A wide area experimental differential network was set up in Italy and interfaced with the WAAS. The corrections were relayed through Inmarsat satellites.
  • 1999 Project manager for the installation of a GPS interference monitoring system on one of the ENAV F.I. aircrafts. The system is being used to build a map of GPS interferences in Italy.

Sileno is a member of the American Institute of Navigation

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