Egon Koopmann

Egon Koopmann


Director Systems and Infrastructure Servides
DFS Deuftsche Flugsicherung GmbH

Graduated from University Wilhelmshaven in 1985 with Degree in Telecommunication engineering

1985 - 1991
System Engineer at Siemens AG, Telecommunications working on Software development and data processing concepts for Command, Control, Communication and Integration Systems of the German Navy and Air Force

1991 - 1993
Luftverkehrs-Personalgesellschaft mbH (LUPEG) providing technical advise and support in the ICAO Secondary Radar Improvement and Collision Avoidance System Panel (SICASP) and EUROCONTROL EASIE Communication and Router Specialist Support Team (C&R SST)

1993 - 1997
Working for DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH as Project manager for the development and implementation of the DFS networks (radar and flight plan data) within Germany

1997 - 1998
U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) working as DFS Liaison Officer in the FAA Headquarter in Washington D.C.

1998 - 1999
Program Manager for the development and implementation of the new DFS center system P1/ATCAS within Germany

1999 - 2001
Head of DFS overall System Planning and Coordination

2001 - 2005
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GroupEAD Europe S.L. being responsible for the European-wide EAD Service Provision on behalf of EUROCONTROL

2006 - 2010
Head of Navigation and Surveillance in DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and responsible for the flight inspection within DFS

Since 2010
Director Systems and Infrastructure Services and responsible for flight inspection within Germany

Contact Information

Address German Air Navigation Provider
Am DFS- Campus10
63225 Langen
Phone +49 6103 707 2200
Fax +49 6103 707 2495
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