Proceedings of the
2018 International Flight Inspection Symposium

Table of Contents


Attendee List

About ION

Opening Ceremonies

ICAO Updated
Erwin Lassooij

1 - 37

Standards (Organizational, Operations, Systems)

Quality Assurance During Flight Inspection
Frank Musmann

38 - 45

Update of ICAO Document 8071 Volume 1
Gerhard E. Berz, Jules Hermens, Mike DiBenedetto, Asbjorn Madsen
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46 - 51

Importance of Time Synchronization and Signal Filtering in Automated Flight Inspection Systems
Erling Grønbeck, Geir Bergsløkken, and Aleksander Berning Hagen

52 - 66

Flight Inspection Technology (including ADS-B and RFI)

Solution to the Problem of Civil Aviation VHF Band Radio Frequency Interference by Using Flight Inspection Aircraft
Lening Wang, Xitong Song, Jianyu Wang, and Shuming Liu
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67 - 73

Experiences with GNSS Interference in Flight Inspection
Sigurd A. Bjelkarøy

74 - 82

Ground Check of GNSS Antennas on Aircraft
Rolf Seide

83 - 92

The Summary of the Flight Inspection Data Management System
Shunsuke Fujita
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93 - 101

PAPI Flight Inspection Considerations
Mike Spanner

102 - 110

ADS-B and Functions for Flight Inspection
Frank Musmann

111 - 123

Flight Inspection of Aviation Data Links
Thomas Michael Pinnell, Sérgio Marcos da Rocha Corrêa

124 - 130

Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) Flight Inspection - Technology and Practices
Maik Ritter, Christopher Dean

131 - 143

GBAS Inspection, Operational Experience

Challenges with GBAS VDB Flight Inspection
Mike Spanner

144 - 155

Flight Inspection of GAST-D Approach and Taxi Guidance Systems
Claus-Sebastian Wilkens, Thomas Feuerle, Mirko Stanisak, Patrick Thomsen

156 - 165


Flight Inspection Procedures: Different Cases to Consider Affected by Deterioration
José Luis Delpón Ramos
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166 - 170

Remote Maintenance for Flight Inspection Mission
Sérgio Marcos da Rocha Corrêa
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171 - 175

The Challenges of Flight Inspection and Validation in Remote and Inhospitable Locations
Richard Thompson
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176 - 185

Safety (Including Safety Management System and Crew Resource Management)

Night Operation: A Successful Hazard Mitigation Example in Flight Inspection
Andrea Gioia

186 - 194

Flight Validation and ARINC Coding (Including Database Issues)

Total System Error (TSE) Analysis of Helicopter Procedure in an Alpine Environment Flying Advanced RNP Procedures
Heinz Wipf
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195 - 213

Experiences in Performing Flight Inspection with Rotary Wing Aircraft
Andreas Kleffman and Thorsten Heinke

214 - 226

UAV Operations and Flight Inspection Applications

Unmanned Aerial System for RFI Localization and GPS Denied Navigation
Adrien Perkins, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo and Per Enge

227 - 236

Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems as an Instrument in Flight Inspection
Claus-Sebastian Wilkens, Thorsten Heinke, and Rolf Seide

237 - 242

Implementation of RPAS in Flight Inspection Activities at Brazilian Airspace Control System (SISCEAB)
Leonardo Haberfeld, Rafael O.C. Holanda

243 - 256

Using UAV Multicopters as an Extension of ILS Ground Measurements: This Innovative Idea has Already Become Reality in Switzerland!
Hervé Demule, Klaus Theissen
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257 - 273

UAV-Based Flight Inspection System
Yanbo Zhu, Xiaofeng Shi, Kai Kang

274 - 278

Employing UAS to Perform Low Altitude Navaids Measurements
Jochen Bredemeyer, Thorsten Schrader

279 - 295

Training and Certification

Simulator Training for Flight Inspection
Knuth Steffens and Eibe Arfken
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296 - 311

FIAPA in the Cockpit
Gary W. Bell and Greg D. Cox
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312 - 325

More Traps and Pitfalls
Stefan Jagieniak

326 - 338

Legacy Navaids

Alternative PNT: What Comes After DME?
Gerhard Berz, Valeriu Vitan, Luca Saini, Mike Spanner
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339 - 347

Study on Glide Slope’s Clearance Flight Check Criteria
Shuming Liu, Tong Liu, Huawei Ma
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348 - 354

Critical and Sensitive Areas of ILS and their 3rd Dimension - Examples, Effects and Proposals
Gerhard Greving, L. Nelson Spohnheimer

355 - 366

Solution to Coverage Issues Created by Large Hangars
Hervé Lenquette, Bertrand Spitz
Presentation File

367 - 382

Evolving to 4D Signal Strength Normalization
Brad Snelling, Greg Cox, Todd Bigham, Jim West, Yan (Rockee) Zhang

383 - 395