Research Institutions

Currently, several research organizations have the capability to perform research and standards development projects in the flight inspection and flight calibration areas.

If your organization product or service is not listed, or is incomplete, please provide us with the correct information for future update.


Flight Calibration Services GmbH

Hermann-Blenk-Str 32A
38108 Braunschweig

Prof. Dr. Ing. Jochen Bredemeyer
+49 531 23777-85

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 Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Anthony Fokkerweg 2                                                                       
1059 CM Amsterdam                       

Wim Bonnee
+31 88 511 3113

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 Ohio University

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Avionics Engineering Center 


131 Richard H. McFarland Avionics Building
Albany, Ohio 45710
United States

Ph.D. Mike DiBenedetto
+1 740-593-1515

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 Stanford University

Aeronautics and Astronautics Department

Durand Building   MC 4305
Stanford, California 94305-4035
United States

Prof. David Powell

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Technical University of Braunschweig

Hermann-Blenk-Str 27      
38108 Braunschweig

Prof. Dr. Ing. Peter Hecker
+49 531 391 9802

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