The International Committee for Airspace Standards and Calibration (ICASC) was created following the 8th International Flight Inspection Symposium (IFIS) and exists to supplement the biennial (every two years) formal symposiums by promoting continuity in the exchange of regulatory, technical, operational and commercial information in flight inspection. At the eighth meeting of its 186th Session, on March 9 2009, Representatives of the Council to the International Civil Aviation Organization, included ICASC in the list of international organizations that may be invited to attend suitable ICAO meetings.

International Flight Inspection Symposiums have been held biennially since 1984.

Recent IFIS

Monterey, CA, United States - 2018

Belgrade, Serbia - 2016

Oklahoma City, United States - 2014
Braunschweig, Germany - 2012
Beijing, China - 2010
OKC, United States - 2008
Toulouse, France - 2006
Montreal, Canada - 2004
Roma, Italy - 2002
Santiago, Chile - 2000