The ICASC Vision and Mission were specifically developed to guide the committee in providing the most effective and efficient, technical, flight inspection related information to the international aviation community.

Our Vision

To be the medium for standardization and continuity in the exchange of technical, regulatory, and commercial flight calibration information.

Our Mission

To promote airspace system safety by encouraging competency of flight calibration services world wide.

ICASC Overview

The idea for an International Committee for Airspace Standards and Calibration (ICASC) was discussed at the Eighth International Flight Inspection Symposium (8th IFIS), held in June 1994, in Denver, Colorado.

Many delegates recognized a need to form an organization to serve the flight inspection community on a continuing basis because, the two-year gap between symposiums left a void in the exchange of technical information. In addition to the void in exchange of information, there was no official method to provide updates on what is happening globally to the flight inspection family.

Therefore, a few of the delegates met in Brussels, Belgium in May 1995 and agreed to establish an International Committee to serve in the interim of each biennial International Flight Inspection Symposium. The Committee presented the draft charter at the 9th IFIS, June 1996, in Braunschweig, Germany and the charter was approved. The following persons make up the founding members:

Mr. John Beddows Ms. Phyllis Howard Mr. Jim Savage
Mr. Tony Dart Mr. Alexander Kwartiroff Mr. Peter Stastny
Ms. Cecelia Feit Mr. Asbjorn Madsen Mr. William H. Williams Jr.
Dr. Manfred Haverland Dr. David Powell  
Mr. Dieter Hielscher Mr. Onorio Rocca