ICASC Group Photos

Attending the ICASC Meeting in Cooperation with ICAO during October of 2003

From left to right: Mr. Enzo M. Feliziani, Mr. Joseph F. Doubleday, Mr. Peter Thirkettle, Mr. Jim Snow, Dr. David Powell, Mr. Sileno Goedicke, Mr. Onorio Rocca, Mr. Christo van Straaten, Mr. Robert Schickling, Mr. Yves Garrigues, Mr. Hervé Renouf

Attending the ICASC Meeting at FAA, Aviation System Standards in Oklahoma City, OK During October or 2004

A Photo Taken with the FAA DC-3 Aircraft N-34 While Attending the IFIS in June of 2004

Full ICASC membership attends the 35th ICASC meeting in Rome, Italy March, 2011  

ICASC members at the 17th International Flight Inspection Symposium, Braunschweig Germany, June 4-6, 2012

ICASC members in Durban, South Africa during the 21st IFIS. 

From left to right: Mr. Brad Elliott, Mrs. Florence Jacolot, Mr. Sigurd A. Bjelkaroey, Captain Thomas Wede, Mr. Alexandre Beisbardt, Mr. Christo van Straaten, Mr. Adriano Rizzo Filippelli, Mr. Floyd Badsky, Mr. Keboushi Kazuyoshi, Mr. Onorio Rocca, Mr. Fabrizio maracich, Mr. Asbjoern Madsen, Mr. Mke DiBenedetto